Farm Shield

The land you own is your lifeblood. And protecting it? That's our sole mission. That's why we're here to help you protect it. Farm Shield offers crop and livestock coverage that is comprehensive, reliable, and always there for you.
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Livestock Insurance

Livestock Risk Protection is likely the best option cattle producers have through Federal Crop Insurance to guard against declining livestock prices. It allows you to purchase coverage on any number of head for a length of time between 13 to 52 weeks, however long you intend to hold them.

With livestock prices near an all-time high, there has never been a better time to utilize this program!


Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is a vital component in the agriculture industry that provides protection against financial losses due to unpredictable weather patterns or natural disasters. As the backbone of our economy, agriculture continues to face unprecedented challenges, including climate change and increasing risk factors, all of which call for the need to offer farmers peace of mind. Crop insurance serves as a safety net, protecting farmers and bolstering the food supply chain.
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Who We Are

Farm Shield is your one-stop source for Agriculture Crop Protection to meet the risk-management needs of the Alabama farmer, rancher, crop and livestock producers. Farm Shield is a member of the Alabama Farm Credit alliance of companies providing a first-hand understanding of the agricultural risks for the farming industry.